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Why Hire an Architect

Cynthia Zahoruk - Monday, August 01, 2016

A professional meets the highest standards within any specific industry. When you hire a professional you have chosen to seek specialized knowledge based on intensive academic preparation combined with technical and ethical standards.

The Ontario Government has given Ontario’s architects the privilege and responsibility of self-regulation. Established under the Architects Act, the Ontario Association of Architects “…regulates the practice of architecture in Ontario … in order that the public interest may be served and protected.” Architects Act, RSO 1990, c.A.26 .  The Architects Act and the Ontario Building Code list the types of buildings for which you must engage an architect. However, even where it is not required by law, you will want to consult a professional, an architect, to help ensure that your building project is as successful as possible.

Only licensed architects may use the title architect. Be aware that not all “designers” are licensed and educated the way that architects are and are frequently misconstrued as alternatives to working with an architect.   The informed decision to work with an architect will ultimately ensure that you achieve a more satisfactory result. Architects meet the highest level of standards.  When you are dealing with important decisions and projects don’t you want the best on your team?  Architects put the interests of their client, and of the public, above their own.


When you hire Cynthia Zahoruk Architect Inc., you are assured that we:

  • Have met the qualifications for licence, including the established standards for education, experience and examination;
  • Continue to develop skill and proficiency through the OAA Professional Excellence Program;
  • Abide by high standards of professional ethics and conduct;
  • Are accountable, and have professional liability insurance.

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